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Paint Pros Plus Construction, specializes in the remodeling of existing restaurants and other retail facilities. As a “Class A” licensed building contractor we are prepared to accomplish what you need done when you need it done with minimal disruption to your normal operation.


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Spotsylvania, VA 22551
VA Class A Builders License: 2705 116923A
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About Us


Paint Pros Plus Construction specializes in the total remodeling of existing restaurants and other retail facilities. As a Class “A” licensed building contractor we are prepared to accomplish what you need done, when you need it done with a minimum of disruption to your normal operation.

We’ve traditionally worked closely with Facility Managers and General Contractors of large chains. Because we’ve done the same or similar projects so many times, we’ve developed an expertise at working seamlessly and quickly while maintaining our high standards of quality.


We accomplish all your painting needs inside and out.


We do a professional-quality job at professionally- competitive prices.


We will handle all your remodeling needs including but not limited to carpentry, Hardie Board siding, ceiling tile replacement, FRP/ stainless steel replacement, ceramic tile.


Our own highly-experienced and very mobile crews have a vast array of skills among them, thus enabling us to use our own people nearly exclusively. When we do need to call in a sub-contractor for a specialty job, we both monitor their job quality and observe them with the purpose of expanding our combined skill sets.

We have a well-stocked and well-maintained fleet of trucks and trailers to bring the right tools and materials to each job site, thus minimizing the need for wasting precious “on-site” time.

Since our crews travel throughout the continental United States, when we start a project we stick with it every day until it’s completed, thus minimizing disruptions for guests and staff.

Some of the elements that have allowed us to grow and maintain client satisfaction are:

We arrive on time with the right materials and the right skilled personnel.

We follow the customers’ specifications regarding preparation and application of all the products involved.

We carefully plan and then execute each job.

We utilize our considerable experience to assure quality and consistency from location to location. Even difficult jobs are easier when we’ve done them before.

We are guest sensitive, recognizing that the more invisible we are, the better.

We strive to work cleanly and leave the facility guest-ready each day.

We maintain good working relationships with Facility Managers, General Contractors, and General Managers.


Paul Taylor, President


Paul is a self-made entrepreneur who in 15 years has grown our company from a small, one-man operation to a nationwide mobile task force with multi-million dollar sales and the prospect of greater growth. The proprietary techniques and systems he has developed over the years are what enable us to perform our services as efficiently and seamlessly as we do.

Tricia Taylor, Vice President


Tricia is much a self-starter herself having owned a successful business of her own. She was instrumental in helping automate office systems and controls. Tricia holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Indiana University with an accounting major.





Paul Taylor, President of Paint Pros Plus Construction, started the company as a sole proprietorship in 1993. Initially he did the work himself, then with a couple crew members. He developed several innovative techniques and systems which we are still using today.

We’ve grown in size and in our ability to perform large and/or complex projects, yet we can give personal attention to our clients.


We subscribe to a few simple philosophies:

“The seven Ps:”

Proper prior preparation prevents pitifully poor performance.

“The four Ps:”

Look professional, act professional, do a professional job, and charge a professional price.

“The three Ps:”

The name of our company indicates that our primary service is painting.

As professionals we strive for perfection, but will settle for excellence.

The Plus refers to our ability to perform a wide variety of other remodeling services for our clients,
thus reducing their need to locate, schedule and monitor many different contractors.


Products and Services

Carpentry and drywall repair:

Many times there is need to repair or replace wood or drywall before paint can be applied. Rather than bringing in other tradesmen, you can rely on us to perform the necessary repairs before we do the painting.

Hardie Board Siding:

We are very experienced in upgrading existing exteriors to long-lasting (50 year warranty) Hardie Board siding. Whether lap-siding or board and batten, we will give your facility a beautiful new look painted to your specifications.

Ceiling Tile:

When the front or back of the house needs a clean new look, we can install new ceiling tiles to match your décor. We’ll simultaneously clean your existing grids and paint them if you desire. As always, we perform interior jobs during non-business hours.


When your kitchen walls need that fresh, clean look, we will remove your existing fiberglass reinforced plastic panels and replace them with new ones.

Stainless Steel Panels:

In the areas where you need the qualities of stainless steel wall panels, we can install new or replace existing ones.

Wood Refinishing:

Your stained and clear-coated moldings, paneling, chair-rails, wainscoting, doors and windows can become unsightly through normal wear and tear. We can restore these surfaces by deep-cleaning, then restaining and reapplying the clear finish in matte, satin or gloss.

Faux Finishes:

The warmth and ambiance of your romantic décor can be restored by our team of experts as they apply special finishes in a wide variety of ways to simulate marble, granite, leather, stucco, aged stucco or other textured finishes.

Parking Lot Striping:

There’s no need to have another painter to stripe your lot. We have the specialized equipment and the skill to do precision lot striping.


“Paul, Tricia and the team at Paint Pros Plus of Virginia continue to be my preferred partner for interior and exterior painting as well as siding replacements. They consistently deliver quick, exceptional service – which I have found unparalleled in the industry! Without fail, I can count on Paint Pros Plus to provide me with a brilliantly painted building every time!”

“Over the past 10 years, Paint Pros Plus has painted hundreds of restaurants for me. All the details are right every time. No babysitting involved ever! Great quality at a fair price.

“Paint Pros Plus is very responsive and very detailed every time I use them. The end product is our restaurants look great when they finish them.”

“Paint Pros is always fast and efficient. The quality of their work is excellent. The speed and quality justify the price. I like that they are “Full Service” in regards to repairs, carpentry, and caulking. I have used them at all my locations and plan to do so in the future.”


All of the above quotes are from Facility Managers with whom we’ve worked.
Because we respect our clients’ company policies, we have omitted their respective names.
However, we will be happy to provide you with several reference contacts upon request.


Cracker Barrel

Red Lobster

Red Robin

Olive Garden



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